Spa.ology – Avoid Dry Winter Skin

If it’s dry and cold where you live, or just plain dry, follow these 5 simple fixes to avoid the scaly skin of winter.

1 – Watch the water temp when in the shower.  Yes, I know, a nice hot shower on a cold day feels great, but it also dries out the skin big time.  With decreased moisture in the air you will be setting yourself up for the “winter itchies”. To avoid this, take a shower in water that is as tepid as you can stand.  Also take fewer, shorter showers and avoid products that have detergent in them.   These will strip the skin of protective essential oils.

2 – To hydrate the skin, drinking water is not enough to keep the skin moist during the winter months.  You need the protective layer of good body moisturizer to prevent evaporation … so moisturize, moisturize, moisturize in the morning and then do it all over again before you go to bed.  Also, beverages  with caffeine and alcohol should be consumed in moderation.  Unfortunately, they just add to the dehydration of winter skin.

3 – When the dry winter months arrive, it’s time to switch up your skincare routine.  The products that you used during the more humid, summer months just won’t satisfy your skin’s thirst.  Use a gentle, milky cleanser along with a richer moisturizer.  Overall, skincare routines in the winter need to be gentler and more mild than the warmer months.

4 – Just because the temps are cooler, doesn’t mean that sunblock isn’t necessary. During the winter months, UV light can be as much as 90% as strong as the summer months, but since we can’t feel or see it, we think at it isn’t there.  Sooooo, be sure to apply a broadband screen once a day.

5 – Your hair and nails need just as much TLC in the winter as your skin.  Cuticles and nails can easily crack and split, mostly due to a lack of moisture.  A weekly intensive hair mask used in the shower will help lessen the dry fly-aways while an old-fashioned fix of moisturizer plus cotton gloves at night will take care of the nails (as well as your hands).

So no matter your winter location, Spa.ology has the fix to beat the “winter itchies”.  Click here to visit Spa.ology and find everything your body needs to survive the season!

Source: Leanne Italie, Associated Press


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