Spa.ology + the PERFECT Home Gym!

Spa.ology is here to help you in 2012 with those pesky New Year’s Resolutions!  Setting up a home gym is a great way to keep that resolution to lose weight, lead a healthier life or exercise more!  The convenience of doing your workouts at home will keep you on track!  You can set up a space as elaborate as a fully equipped workout room or as small as the space in between your coffee table and TV!  Here are some tips to getting started:

  1. Find the Space – Choose the area that makes sense for you.  If you hate going down to your basement, don’t set up there.  Also, avoid your bedroom if you can, save that space for rest and romance!
  2. Create a Budget – Decide how much to invest, what you want to achieve and what will work in the space you have chosen.  Also consider the type of workout you are planning – you may not need a lot of fancy equipment.
  3. Suit Your Style – Is yoga your thing?  Create a calm, serene space.  Like to walk?  Invest in a treadmill.  Need to watch a workout DVD?  Set up in an area that already has a TV.
  4. Feather Your Workout Nest – Natural light is a great motivator, just don’t forget to close the blinds!  Change into your workout clothes, get your iPod loaded with some music to suit your work out and get a portable speaker for your work out space.
  5. Keep It Simple – Keep your focus simple and on one type of workout or routine.  This will make it much easier to purchase the things you need, fit them in your space and stick to your new routine.
  6. Invest in Quality Basics – Many home routines only require simple items – dumbbells or kettlebells, mats, resistance bands, stability balls.  Only choose the items you need.
  7. Choose Equipment Wisely – Unless you are sure you are going to use it, SKIP IT!  Check Craigslist or your local newspaper for second-hand treadmills, stationary bikes or exercise machine.  There are a lot of them out there that are just being used as a clothes rack!
  8. Do it! – Make a schedule for yourself to “get to the gym”.  If you schedule the time you are more likely to do it!

So if exercise was on your resolution list for 2012, Spa.ology is here to the rescue.  Click HERE to find everything “fitness” in your quest to be a better you in 2012!



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