Spring Into a New Skincare Routine!

With spring comes warmer weather, more moisture in the air, people become more active, you are outside more and the social calendar seems to fill up really fast.  Spring always feels like a new beginning, so it is the perfect time of the year to make some changes to your routine and prepare your skin for the warmer spring days that are just around the corner!

Start using a sunscreen now … if you aren’t already.  You probably aren’t thinking much about sun protection during the winter and moving into the springtime, because the weather isn’t hot. But the temperature outside doesn’t determine the strength of the sun’s rays, at least not when it comes to sun damage.  Hampton Sun has some great choices for sunscreens … from tanning oils with SPF to continuous mists and lip balms.

Using sunscreen regularly will help your skin to look younger longer. Besides, after a long, dark winter, think of how susceptible your skin will be to sunburn! Get a good sunscreen, with a 30SPF, and slather it on every day. Only choose oil-free, non comedogenic options to avoid aggravating acne conditions.

Choose the right moisturizer.  You have probably been using a heavier, more emollient cream during the dry winter, but now may be the perfect time to switch to a lighter lotion that won’t feel as heavy during the warmer months.  You may also look at moisturizers that have a built-in sunscreen … a great time saver and helps to keep you from forgetting the sunscreen!

Oily Skin?  If you are prone to breakouts, or have oily skin, you should also think about switching your makeup routine. Choosing a mineral powder foundation will be helpful, or a matte finish liquid foundation to help with extra shine. Also, be sure that your sunscreen is oil free.

Re-commit to a daily skin care routine.  Maybe you’ve slacked off on your nightly routine, your weekly mask or using your regular acne products this winter.  You don’t have to spend a lot of time, or buy a ton of products to care for your skin. It just takes a few minutes a day to cleanse, exfoliate (at least once a week), apply topical acne treatments (if needed), and moisturize. A consistent skin care routine is a great foundation for clearer, brighter skin.

It’s always great to take a step back look at your daily routine and assess if you need to make any changes to your skincare time. Spring time is a great time to do that!  Visit the Spa.ology Store for everything skincare related!


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