At Home Body Scrub Tips

It’s that time of year … spring is here (officially as of March 20th) and more skin will be exposed.  Time to get your body ready to be seen!  There are several ways you can prep your skin for the new season … buy a pre-made body scrubmake your own body scrub at home, or schedule a visit to the spa!

For those of you that like to DIY, here are some great tips and tricks that will rival the spa’s final results:

  • First, soften the skin by soaking for ten-ish minutes in a warm tub. Add a relaxing essential oil like lavender, ylang-ylang, or rose-geranium to make it more relaxing.  After your soak, gently pat yourself dry.
  • Place a fluffy towel on the edge of your tub for you to sit on. If you’re using a body scrub, place a quarter-size bit in the palm of your hand and rub it over the skin.  I usually start with my lower legs and work my way up the legs, to the abdomen, arms and chest.
  • Roll up a moist washcloth and gently use it to move the body scrub in small circles, spending at least a minute in each area. If you go too quickly, you don’t get the full exfoliation.  Don’t rub too hard or too long, especially if you’re using an abrasive salt scrub!  If you have super sensitive skin, be sure to use a cream or sugar based exfoliant.
  • Stand up when it’s time to do your backside. Make sure you have steady footing.
  • The back is the trickiest part. Reach where you can, or ask your partner to help. A body brush with a long handle can always make exfoliating the back the easiest.
  • When you have exfoliated the entire body, rinse under the shower with luke warm water … never too hot!  Use the body brush to help remove any excess product from your back.
  • Don’t use a body scrub while the shower is running. The scrub will just be washed away before it can do its magic!

More At-Home Body Scrub Tips

  • A weekly home body scrub should keep your skin smooth.
  • If your skin starts looking irritated, cut back on the frequency of scrubs or try something gentler than salt, like a sugar scrub or exfoliating mitt.
  • Never use a body scrub on your face!  It’s way too harsh.  There IS difference between a body exfoliant and a facial exfoliant. 

reference: Anitra Brown, Guide


Storage Tips for the Bathroom

There seems to be no end to the lotions, potions and fabulous spa products that we always want at our fingertips.  But how do you neatly store it in potentially the smallest rooms in the house?  Jackie McGilvray of offers these simple tips:

Don’t think you have enough space for a shelf?  Think again!  Even a shallow shelf can help alleviate your spa product storage problems.  Bottles and jars only need a few inches of shelf space.  Think about placing hooks on the underside of shelves to hang towels, hand towels and washcloths.

Be sure to use your VERTICAL space.  Fill open wall space with floating shelves.  They’re readily available at big retailers, inexpensive and easy to install.  Use large baskets to store extra towels and toilet tissue.

Add character!  Check out antique markets and yard sales for unusual ways to stash your stuff — try bushel baskets, old milk boxes, cookie tins and even tool boxes.  Use Pinterest as your source of inspiration.  (All of the photos in this post were found on Pinterest!)  Many of your friends may have already pinned your inspiration!

Don’t look in the standard places for storage ideas.  Restaurant supply stores sell all types of shelving units and storage containers.  Large plastic bins on wheels that usually store ingredients can be used to hold towels instead.  Cylinder-shaped, stainless-steel containers made for large utensils are also perfect for hairbrushes and combs.  Condiment dispensers — like the kind bartenders use to hold lemons, limes and olives — are handy for storing cosmetics, cotton balls and swabs.

So now that you have plenty of inspiration to tidy up your spa bathroom, be sure to visit the Spa.ology Store to find all of the best products to use at home.  FYI – they make great gifts as well!