Romantic Spa Night . . . at HOME!

Valentine’s Day is almost here!  Have you gotten the perfect date night planned with your “someone special”?  Spa treatments are always a great option for a romantic gift!  But, if you are not near a great spa, or are watching your wallet, you can create a romantic spa night at home!  Spa.ology is here to help …

It’s easy to turn your bathroom and bedroom into a private oasis for that special occasion. Choose the best blend of spa products, music, lighting and foods that appeal to each other’s senses for a welcome retreat from the busy world.

Gather your most romantic supplies: candles, massage oil, salt or sugar scrub, soft music, towels, freshly cut fruit or hors d’oevres, chocolate and wine are some of the items you’ll want to get started.  Chocolate scented oils, candles and body scrubs are a favorite at Valentine’s Day!

Focus on the senses:  Use ALL of your senses as a guide.  The sense of touch will be stimulated, so soothe your sense of sight and sound with soft lighting, an uncluttered space and soft music.  The sense of taste can be stimulated with your favorite foods and wine of your choosing.  Don’t forget the sense of smell – your products and candles need to have similar scents so they don’t compete with each other.

The little things:  Prepare your hors d’oeuvres in advance and chill the wine.  Remove any bedding that is not washable in case your massage oil stains it.  Clear space on a dresser for supplies and food.  Remove distracting clutter from your “spa”. Be sure to use your fluffiest, softest towels.

Get the romance started:  Plan to start the spa night with a hot shower or bath. Use a salt scrub on one another to relax muscles and exfoliate. This will involve the sense of touch and complement the spa theme. Rinse the scrub and wrap in fluffy towels to keep the muscles warm. Each partner can provide a massage for the other. Serve hors d’oeuvres and wine after the massages.

Spa.ology hopes that these simple ideas will inspire you this Valentine’s Day and remember … everyday can be Valentine’s Day with a little creativity and care!