Storage Tips for the Bathroom

There seems to be no end to the lotions, potions and fabulous spa products that we always want at our fingertips.  But how do you neatly store it in potentially the smallest rooms in the house?  Jackie McGilvray of offers these simple tips:

Don’t think you have enough space for a shelf?  Think again!  Even a shallow shelf can help alleviate your spa product storage problems.  Bottles and jars only need a few inches of shelf space.  Think about placing hooks on the underside of shelves to hang towels, hand towels and washcloths.

Be sure to use your VERTICAL space.  Fill open wall space with floating shelves.  They’re readily available at big retailers, inexpensive and easy to install.  Use large baskets to store extra towels and toilet tissue.

Add character!  Check out antique markets and yard sales for unusual ways to stash your stuff — try bushel baskets, old milk boxes, cookie tins and even tool boxes.  Use Pinterest as your source of inspiration.  (All of the photos in this post were found on Pinterest!)  Many of your friends may have already pinned your inspiration!

Don’t look in the standard places for storage ideas.  Restaurant supply stores sell all types of shelving units and storage containers.  Large plastic bins on wheels that usually store ingredients can be used to hold towels instead.  Cylinder-shaped, stainless-steel containers made for large utensils are also perfect for hairbrushes and combs.  Condiment dispensers — like the kind bartenders use to hold lemons, limes and olives — are handy for storing cosmetics, cotton balls and swabs.

So now that you have plenty of inspiration to tidy up your spa bathroom, be sure to visit the Spa.ology Store to find all of the best products to use at home.  FYI – they make great gifts as well!