Spring is in the air … And in your hair!

And so are some common culprits causing frizzy hair and flyaways.  Here are the top causes of the most maddening effects spring weather can have on your hair and what you can do to keep your locks luscious this spring:

Humid weather can leave your hair flat and squelch even the most zealous efforts at styling.  No matter what texture your hair has naturally, this isn’t the time of year to force your tresses into an unnatural style.

If your hair is curly, find a “do” that embraces your curls.  If your hair is straight but tends to curl up in humid weather, incorporate loose, light curls into your style.

Consider applying a humidity-resistant product to towel-dried hair for added humidity protection.

Rough winds do shake the darling buds of May – not to mention creating some massive

flyaways! Windy gusts grab at split ends and create the static-y look, and damaged or naturally coarse hair has it worse because they have rougher hair cuticles, giving the breeze something to hold onto.

Windy times call for hair accessories: headbands, ponytails and clips are a must. Also try products specially formulated to tame and smooth unruly tresses while conditioning frazzled ends.

April showers bring more than May flowers – they also add constantly changing moisture levels in the air.  The problem?  Frizz is caused by hair trying to soak in moisture from the air, so chances are you’ll end up with a frizz problem at some point during springtime shifts in the weather.

If you find that blow-drying makes your hair look frizzier, gently blot it dry with a towel instead – but don’t rub. Rubbing hair dry can cause further breakage on already weak strands, increasing your chances of frizz. After you’ve towel-blotted, apply an anti-frizz serum or hair gel to your damp hair and comb it through so the product is distributed evenly.

Finally, consider keeping a little product on hand throughout the day to use for smoothing down any strands that may curl up. (You can always toss it in an extra container and keep it in your purse.)

Spring’s refreshingly temperate weather can be a cleverly disguised cause of hair havoc.  Why?  Hot air opens the hair cuticle, which leads to split ends, breakage, and duller hair color.  Plus, most hair products make your head feel like an oil slick when exposed to hot weather.

To beat the heat, give your hair a blast of cool air using the “cool” setting on your hair-dryer when you’re almost done blow-drying.  Cold air closes the hair cuticle and seals in the moisture.  Also consider trying a hair serum that protects hair from the elements without leaving a greasy residue.

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Storage Tips for the Bathroom

There seems to be no end to the lotions, potions and fabulous spa products that we always want at our fingertips.  But how do you neatly store it in potentially the smallest rooms in the house?  Jackie McGilvray of DIYNetwork.com offers these simple tips:

Don’t think you have enough space for a shelf?  Think again!  Even a shallow shelf can help alleviate your spa product storage problems.  Bottles and jars only need a few inches of shelf space.  Think about placing hooks on the underside of shelves to hang towels, hand towels and washcloths.

Be sure to use your VERTICAL space.  Fill open wall space with floating shelves.  They’re readily available at big retailers, inexpensive and easy to install.  Use large baskets to store extra towels and toilet tissue.

Add character!  Check out antique markets and yard sales for unusual ways to stash your stuff — try bushel baskets, old milk boxes, cookie tins and even tool boxes.  Use Pinterest as your source of inspiration.  (All of the photos in this post were found on Pinterest!)  Many of your friends may have already pinned your inspiration!

Don’t look in the standard places for storage ideas.  Restaurant supply stores sell all types of shelving units and storage containers.  Large plastic bins on wheels that usually store ingredients can be used to hold towels instead.  Cylinder-shaped, stainless-steel containers made for large utensils are also perfect for hairbrushes and combs.  Condiment dispensers — like the kind bartenders use to hold lemons, limes and olives — are handy for storing cosmetics, cotton balls and swabs.

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Spa.ology – Avoid Dry Winter Skin

If it’s dry and cold where you live, or just plain dry, follow these 5 simple fixes to avoid the scaly skin of winter.

1 – Watch the water temp when in the shower.  Yes, I know, a nice hot shower on a cold day feels great, but it also dries out the skin big time.  With decreased moisture in the air you will be setting yourself up for the “winter itchies”. To avoid this, take a shower in water that is as tepid as you can stand.  Also take fewer, shorter showers and avoid products that have detergent in them.   These will strip the skin of protective essential oils.

2 – To hydrate the skin, drinking water is not enough to keep the skin moist during the winter months.  You need the protective layer of good body moisturizer to prevent evaporation … so moisturize, moisturize, moisturize in the morning and then do it all over again before you go to bed.  Also, beverages  with caffeine and alcohol should be consumed in moderation.  Unfortunately, they just add to the dehydration of winter skin.

3 – When the dry winter months arrive, it’s time to switch up your skincare routine.  The products that you used during the more humid, summer months just won’t satisfy your skin’s thirst.  Use a gentle, milky cleanser along with a richer moisturizer.  Overall, skincare routines in the winter need to be gentler and more mild than the warmer months.

4 – Just because the temps are cooler, doesn’t mean that sunblock isn’t necessary. During the winter months, UV light can be as much as 90% as strong as the summer months, but since we can’t feel or see it, we think at it isn’t there.  Sooooo, be sure to apply a broadband screen once a day.

5 – Your hair and nails need just as much TLC in the winter as your skin.  Cuticles and nails can easily crack and split, mostly due to a lack of moisture.  A weekly intensive hair mask used in the shower will help lessen the dry fly-aways while an old-fashioned fix of moisturizer plus cotton gloves at night will take care of the nails (as well as your hands).

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Source: Leanne Italie, Associated Press

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